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Before & Afters

These photos show real results from real Atlas Vein Care patients.

Varicose Veins

*Individual results may vary

Vericose Veins Before
Vericose Veins after 5 weeks of treatment
After (5 weeks after treatment)

Discoloration and Inflammation

*Individual results may vary

Discoloration before (can resemble cellulitus but is not an infection)

This can resemble cellulitis, but is not an infection.

Discoloration after 4 months
After (4 months after treatment)
Discoloration and inflammation before
Discoloration and inflammation 6 months after treatment
After (6 months after treatment)

Open Wounds/Ulcers and Discoloration

*Individual results may vary

Ankle Ulcer and skin changes before
Ankle ulcer and skin changes 3 months after treatment
After (3 months after treatment)
Leg ulcer and discoloration before
Leg ulcer and discoloration 5 months after treatment
After (5 months after treatment)
Wounds Before
Wounds 1.6 Years after treatment
After (1.6 years after treatment)

Leg Swelling

*Individual results may vary

Swelling before
Swelling after 4 and a half months
After (4.5 months after treatment)

All photos are used with permission.
Photos are property of Atlas Vein Care and cannot be used or distributed without permission.

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